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Asphalt is cost-effective, sustainable, and easy to maintain, making it the most popular material for paving across America. Since 1980, Greik Bros. Paving Inc. has been Northern New Jersey’s contractor of choice for all aspects of asphalt surfacing.

From driveways to parking lots to roadways, we expertly handle asphalt paving, removal, repair and replacement contracting services for paving projects of all sizes, fixing problems like uneven surfaces and drainage issues. We also provide belgium block curbing, line striping, the finishing touches for your asphalt paving job.



circulardrivewayA well-constructed driveway can enhance the value and aesthetic of your home for years to come. How does your driveway look?



parkinglotwhitearrowYour corporate or retail parking lot is often the first impression you make on your customers. Let the paving professionals at Greik Bros. make it a GOOD one.



roadwayNo one likes to dodge potholes when they drive. Quality, well-engineered roadways can increase the quality of life in your town.


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Roadway Paving Hibernia NJ

Greik Bros Paving is among of the best choices out there for asphalt paving in Morris County NJ. You’re capable of relying on us to be able to serve all your needs thanks to the fact that we offer such a broad range of kinds of service in terms of paving. We provide service to suit the requirements of business and homeowners. For more than thirty years, locals trying to find an asphalt paving company in Hibernia NJ that can provide affordable but high quality services have relied on Greik Bros.

Asphalt Paving Morris County NJ

If you’re searching for a leading paving company in Morris County NJ, the one stop shop for all your needs is Greik Bros Paving. Are you in need of commercial paving for your parking lot? We’ve got you covered. Our lead paving contractor is going to oversee our experienced parking lot paving team to ensure perfect results. Having attractive asphalt paving is essential to your business’s appearance. Typically, your parking lot is going to be the inital thing customers notice. Would you like to ensure that your parking lot paving is smooth and attractive? It pays to make sure you call in the right contractor for the job. According to the specific type of property you need paving for, careful attention being paid is essential, which is another reason you want an expert. It may not be very high on your to-do list to hire a top rated asphalt paving company in Hibernia NJ , but we can assure you that when you hire Greik Bros Paving to do the work, the results will be worth it. Does your commercial complex require roadway paving too? We’ve got you covered. Contact us right away to discover more.