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Asphalt is cost-effective, sustainable, and easy to maintain, making it the most popular material for paving across America. Since 1980, Greik Bros. Paving Inc. has been Northern New Jersey’s contractor of choice for all aspects of asphalt surfacing.

From driveways to parking lots to roadways, we expertly handle asphalt paving, removal, repair and replacement contracting services for paving projects of all sizes, fixing problems like uneven surfaces and drainage issues. We also provide belgium block curbing, sealcoating and line striping, the finishing touches for your asphalt paving job.



circulardrivewayA well-constructed driveway can enhance the value and aesthetic of your home for years to come. How does your driveway look?



parkinglotwhitearrowYour corporate or retail parking lot is often the first impression you make on your customers. Let the paving professionals at Greik Bros. make it a GOOD one.



roadwayNo one likes to dodge potholes when they drive. Quality, well-engineered roadways can increase the quality of life in your town.


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Roadway Paving Irvington NJ

When you’re searching for a top asphalt paving company in Morris County NJ, Greik Brothers Paving is among the best choices you can make. We offer a broad range of types of service in terms of paving, meaning you’re able to depend on us to have the ability to serve all of your requirements. We offer service to suit the needs of home and business owners. For more than 30 years, locals trying to find an asphalt paving company in Irvington NJ that can provide affordable but top quality services have depended on Greik Bros.

Paving Irvington NJ

We are here if you’re in need of parking lot asphalt paving in Irvington NJ . Ensuring the sealcoating for your parking lot is updated is something that shouldn’t ever go overlooked. Asphalt parking lots should be seal coated within 12-18 months after the asphalt was installed. When your sealcoating is properly timed, extending your asphalt’s life up to 300% is possible. By sealcoating your paving within 18 months after asphalt installation, you’ll seal in the essential binder of the hot mix asphalt. This is the glue that holds the stone and sand together for a smooth asphalt surface which is easy to sweep and is going to aid in melting snow and ice faster. Cosmetic factors are the first thing a lot of people consider if you mention sealcoating. One of our skilled contractors at Greik Bros Paving however will be happy to tell you that sealcoating is a full preventative maintenance system. For expert sealcoating in Irvington NJ from a contractor you’re able to trust, get in touch with us.

Paving Company Morris County NJ

Hiring a respected asphalt paving company in Morris County NJ for sealcoating services is vital because there’s so much more to sealcoating than you might think at first. It is a great deal more than simply mixing up tar and spraying it on the pavement. You will be at a considerable disadvantage when you don’t take extreme care when it comes to selecting a company, since a lot of companies see it as simply that. It’s typical to find companies who mix up coal tar emulsion or asphalt emulsion many times water ratios far exceeding the manufacturers’ recommendations. A couple guys will be sent over on pick up truck pulling a tank on a trailer, throw up some cones at your entrance, do an inferior job of ensuring the pavement is clean and then proceed to spray a thin coat of what resembles dirty dish water onto your parking lot, sidewalks, curbs, dumpsters, building and everything else which isn’t supposed to be coated with overspray. This in a nutshell is the standard parking lot sealing business model as executed by 95% of sealcoating contractors that call themselves professionals. This makes going with a company that has a solid reputation you can rely on all the more vital. We hold ourselves to a high standard at Greik Bros Paving to ensure customer satisfaction. When you need a paving or sealcoating contractor in Morris County NJ, call us.

Asphalt Paving Morris County NJ

Greik Bros Paving is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs for asphalt paving and sealcoating in Morris County NJ. If you’re in need of parking lot paving, we have you covered. To make certain the best results possible our head paving contractor is going to oversee our experienced parking lot team. Having attractive asphalt paving is essential to your business’s appearance. Your parking lot is the first thing which customers are going to notice. To ensure that your parking love paving looks completely smooth and beautiful, ensure that it’s laid down by an experienced asphalt contractor. You might not realize how important it is for attention to be paid to the specific type of property you require paving for. This is another one of the advantages of calling a professional. we are capable of guaranteeing you’re going to be pleased with the results if you hire Greik Bros Paving, regardless of how high commercial asphalt paving in Irvington NJ is on your to do list. Is your commercial complex in need of roadway paving too? We have got you covered. Get in touch with us right away to find out more details.