When someone drives through your town, is it smooth sailing, or does it feel like a drive along the surface of the moon? No one likes to dodge potholes and gaping cracks when they drive. A quality, well-engineered roadway can increase the quality of life in your town. Smooth and striped roadways show that you care about public safety. And the smoother the road, the longer it lasts. For more than 30 years, Greik Bros. Paving, Inc. has been milling, resurfacing, and replacing quality asphalt roadways throughout Northern New Jersey. When you contact us for a free estimate, you know the job will be priced out by a principal from our family-owned business.

Once the work starts, there’s always an owner on the job site, and we’ll stick to your timetable. We’ll discuss with you: removal, replacement, or repair options; grading versus new subbase; adding striping; resolving drainage problems; and much more. We understand budgets are tight, but you can rest assured that Greik Bros. will work with you to keep your town safe and smooth, and on budget.

Greik Bros. Paving specializes in the following types of roadway paving:

Asphalt Repairs and Patching

Daily traffic, winter storms, and changes in temperature are just a few of the factors that can contribute to asphalt damage. Our experienced team will advise what type of patching is best to minimize potholes and further damage to roadways and vehicles.

Asphalt Replacement

If a roadway has major damage with multiple potholes, cracking, and deterioration, it may be time for asphalt removal and replacement. The experts at Greik Bros Paving will remove the affected surface, mill the layers, and smooth the roadway with asphalt resurfacing.

Asphalt Resurfacing

When roadways have minimal damage but may be faded and could use a revamp, asphalt resurfacing is a great solution to restore the appearance of roadways of all sizes. With resurfacing, large issues are not addressed and may worsen over time, so asphalt resurfacing is only recommended when roadways have 1”-3” of damage.

At Greik Bros. Paving, our expert team uses only the highest quality materials to ensure that pavement can withstand the abuse of vehicles, the hottest summers, and the coldest winters in Northern New Jersey. It’s time your town thought about replacing winter-ravaged roadways with a new, professionally installed asphalt surface from Greik Bros. Paving, Inc. Municipalities throughout NJ have been trusting us to put the finishing touch on their roads since 1980.